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Strengths of Tame-Care | An expert in electronic medical devices

  • Engagement

    Tame-Care is committed to health every day. 
    The team has set itself the goal of developing innovative technologies to improve the health and well-being of everyone.

  • Expertise

    Tame-Care benefits from all the expertise of TRONICO in the development of medical devices

    • 47 years of experience
    • Team specialised in the design of critical class II, III and implantable medical devices
    • ISO13485 certification

  • Innovation

    Innovation is in the DNA of Tame-Care.

    • The UV disinfection and air filtration robot
    • The Covid-19 rapid and reliable saliva test
    • Numerous projects under study

  • Partnerships

    Well aware that alone we go faster, but that together we go further, Tame-Care develops innovations in a collaborative logic in order to design the most appropriate solutions to current and future health issues.

    • Health actors: CHU/CHR/Spin Off CNRS (example)
    • Technology companies
    • Potential customers

  • Quality

    Reliability is at the heart of Tame-Care:

    • ISO13485 certification

    Tame-Care's philosophy: to do everything possible to achieve reliability and quality above the standards.


Adapted solutions with high added value


About Tame-Care | Designer of innovative medical devices

Tame-Care's mission is to develop sustainable solutions and provide answers to current and future "Health" challenges.

Tame-Care currently offers two ranges of products meeting complementary needs: prevention and detection.
From the development of a rapid saliva PCR test for Covid-19 to the design of an autonomous UVC disinfection mobile robot, Tame-Care is actively involved in the fight against Covid-19. These two product launches carried out over a controlled period of time demonstrate the innovative capacities of the Tame-Care teams and their expertise in the design, industrialization and production of innovative solutions.

Tame-Care's ambitions continue and many projects are being studied with the common value of participating in improving the health and well-being of all.


26 rue du Bocage
85660 Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine

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