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EasyCOV | Rapid and reliable saliva test for Covid-19

EasyVID, the device for performing the EasyCOV test, has been specially designed and adapted to precisely heat the tubes containing the various reagents.

Characteristics :

  • CE certified
  • Nomadic In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device
  • Dedicated to the COVID-19 screening test protocol, EasyCOV
Unit Price (escl. vat)


Number of wells :
Independence of well control :
Manual protocol programming :
Indicator light for test result usability :
Heating up time :
20 min


Source sector :
220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
Power supply cable :
Battery backup :


Operating temperature :
5 °C min / 40 °C max
20% min / 80% max
Dimensions :
300 × 270 × 85 mm (L × W × H)
2.5 kg

Tame-Care, SkillCell and Alcediag (Sys2Diag / CNRS), and VOGO have pooled their expertise in chemistry, electronics and digital applications to develop a global saliva screening solution called EasyCOV.

Test salivaire

This saliva test is:

  • Reliable even on variants
  • Fast
  • Comfortable and painless
  • Ground
  • Easy to implement

Technical specifications

This test solution is the result of a collaboration between several companies which have pooled their know-how to develop a global solution composed of:

  • a test kit: 35 ready-to-use tests
  • a heating device: ergonomic and nomadic
  • an application: free and IS-D compatible

Test kit

35 ready-to-use tests


Heating device

Ergonomic and nomadic

Application VOGO


Free and SI-D compatible

Technical specifications


Validated via a double-blind clinical study carried out at the Montpellier University Hospital, this test has demonstrated its reliability with:

  • a sensitivity of 86%,
  • a specificity of 99%

Thus, the EasyCOV solution is able to ensure reliable screening in critical environments such as nursing homes, healthcare establishments, airports, businesses, etc.

Effective on variants

The EasyCOV saliva test is effective on all of the variants detected to date. Indeed, an analysis of the genomic sequences of the SARS CoV 2 virus was carried out to ensure that the mutations present in the Indian (B.1.617) English (VUI 2020 12 01), South African (501 YV 2) variants and Brazilian Japanese (Line P 1 are not located in a zone of hybridization of the primers of EasyCOV.

No mutation present in these variants is located in the hybridization zone of the EasyCOV primers and therefore the functioning of the test is not affected.


To meet the health challenges related to Covid-19, the speed of the test is a determining characteristic.
The EasyCOV test is able to give a reliable result in 40 minutes. This therefore makes it possible to act quickly in the event of a positive case being detected.

Comfortable & Painless

EasyCOV is a saliva sample test. For its realization, it requires the sampling and the collection of a few drops of saliva, which is comfortable and completely painless for the patient. This advantage is particularly relevant for people who have to do tests frequently (eg: healthcare professionals, staff in nursing homes, athletes, etc.), children (eg: schools and universities) or even the elderly.

In addition, this type of sample can be taken directly by the patient, thus limiting the risk of exposure of nursing staff.


The global solution has been designed so that the test can be carried out in the field, as close as possible to the populations. Specifically adapted to critical environments where the risk of virus circulation is high, EasyCOV is able to provide a reliable and rapid solution for testing people.

Easy to use

The EasyCOV test solution can be deployed anywhere and optimized for simplified implementation.
This test only requires a few manipulations which are relatively easy to learn.
The heating machine, necessary for its implementation, has been configured to guide the user as much as possible.

Finally, the reading of the result is colorimetric. Thus, the result can be interpreted visually or using the EasyCOV Reader application.



The EasyCOV solution offers the ability to easily deploy COVID-19 sampling points in different locations:

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Stations
  • Establishments open to the public
  • Companies
  • Concert halls
  • Sports clubs...

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  • the EasyCOV saliva test
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