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Specialist in electronic-dominant medical devices


Created in 2020, Tame-Care, a brand of TRONICO, is specialized in medical technologies.
This entity, born from the know-how of TRONICO teams, experts in technical and regulatory constraints, aims to become a leader in the world of electronic medical devices by addressing new health issues.

Historical know-how

Since 1973, TRONICO has been specialized in the design, industrialization and manufacturing of complex products with electronic dominance. It operates in markets with demanding requirements such as aeronautics, defence and oil. With more than 400 employees, TRONICO possesses a wide range of specialized skills and a high-performance production tool that meets the strictest standards (EN 9100, Nadcap, ISO 13485, etc.).

In recent years, it has developed a strong expertise in the medical field, particularly in the design and manufacture of class II, III and highly critical implantable devices, as well as a mastery of the regulatory constraints related to the medical field.

Thanks to its expertise and ISO13485 certification, Tame-Care is able to meet the requirements of quality and reliability in medical devices.

A strong capacity for innovation

Tame-Care and the entire group place research and innovation at the heart of their strategy.
Tame-Care demonstrates its capacity for innovation through several projects:

  • Husky UV, the UV disinfection and air filtration robot
  • MakAir, the artificial respirator 
  • EasyCOV, the rapid and reliable salivary screening test for Covid-19

In a process of permanent innovation, Tame-Care is constantly on the lookout for changing needs, anticipates them and thus designs and manufactures the medical devices of tomorrow.

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